China and Cambodia sign free trade agreement: What is the significance?

China and Cambodia signed a landmark free trade agreement (FTA) on Monday (12/10/2020), the first such deal between Cambodia and a foreign state. The agreement covers tourism, trade, agriculture and investment, of which more than 90 percent will be tariff free. Cambodia has been an important ally for China in recent years. It has beenContinue reading “China and Cambodia sign free trade agreement: What is the significance?”

The UK Integrated Security and Defence Review: What can we expect?

Over the past few months, the UK Government has been conducting an Integrated Security and Defence Review, said to be the largest since the end of the Cold War. At its core, its aim is to modernise the armed forces. It comes at somewhat of a defining moment for the UK with the main componentsContinue reading “The UK Integrated Security and Defence Review: What can we expect?”

Intra-Afghan Peace talks: What issues will they face?

On Saturday 12th September 2020, the Afghan Government and Taliban sat down in Qatar for the formal intra-Afghan peace talks. It is being hailed as a momentous breakthrough in reaching a peace settlement in Afghanistan. A stable political future for Afghanistan, effective law enforcement and social inequality, namely women’s rights will be on the agenda.Continue reading “Intra-Afghan Peace talks: What issues will they face?”

Exploring an effective framework for Counter-Terrorism

The 19th anniversary of 9/11 has just gone by and the enquiry into the Manchester Arena bombing having started not too long ago. I feel it an apt time to revisit my undergraduate dissertation; ‘Is there a model of best practice in Counter-Terrorism’. I found myself drawn to this topic at university due to theContinue reading “Exploring an effective framework for Counter-Terrorism”