Covid-19 and the Impact on Democracy in Africa

The pandemic continues to present unique challenges to democracies across the world. Efforts to stop the spread are becoming convenient excuses to suppress democratic activity. The UK are having problems, the BLM protests back in 2020 resulted in clashes with the police over lockdown restrictions as did the recent vigil for Sarah Everard where crowdsContinue reading “Covid-19 and the Impact on Democracy in Africa”

Water Security Along the Nile

The Nile has been a source of civilisation for millennia and today hundreds of millions of people still rely on it to survive. For Egypt, 90% of its water needs depend on the Nile, however it is struggling, if not failing, to meet the needs of the population. Unsurprisingly this is having adverse effects onContinue reading “Water Security Along the Nile”

What Is Going On In Ethiopia and What Impact Is It Having On The Region?

The roots of the conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia can be traced back to the conception of the current political system. Since 1994, different ethnic groups have controlled the affairs of the country’s 10 regions in a federal government system. The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) was instrumental in setting the system upContinue reading “What Is Going On In Ethiopia and What Impact Is It Having On The Region?”

Russia’s strategy in Africa: Why it want’s to increase it’s presence

Vladimir Putin has stated that Africa is one of Russia’s main foreign policy priorities. There are a number of triggers for this, increasing involvement of Western powers on the continent is one but the immense economic and strategic opportunity the continent offers may be more important. In 2018, the US ramped up its involvement inContinue reading “Russia’s strategy in Africa: Why it want’s to increase it’s presence”