Boiling Down The Brexit Deal

Brexit signals new era for the UK, one of prosperity and greater control according to its advocates, but one of uncertainty and hardship according to its opponents. The deal agreed on Christmas eve is complex and spans over 1200 pages. This article attempts to boil down some of the key points. The UK achieves ‚ÄúzeroContinue reading “Boiling Down The Brexit Deal”

China and Cambodia sign free trade agreement: What is the significance?

China and Cambodia signed a landmark free trade agreement (FTA) on Monday (12/10/2020), the first such deal between Cambodia and a foreign state. The agreement covers tourism, trade, agriculture and investment, of which more than 90 percent will be tariff free. Cambodia has been an important ally for China in recent years. It has beenContinue reading “China and Cambodia sign free trade agreement: What is the significance?”