The Ukraine Conflict: Why Nuclear War Is Not On The Cards

“Just one launch, Boris, and England is gone,” said a broadcaster on Russian statetelevision back in early May. Moscow began wielding the nuclear card not longafter its invasion of Ukraine, creating a tense and worrying diplomaticsituation. This article investigates the authenticity of such Russian nuclearthreats and what a nuclear conflict might look like.  In lateContinue reading “The Ukraine Conflict: Why Nuclear War Is Not On The Cards”

Revoking Citizenship – Is It An Effective Tool In Countering Terrorism?

It is estimated that around 40,000 citizens from western nations have gone to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The majority are fighters, of which most have been killed. But it is thought that around a quarter of that figure are women and children. As the caliphate collapses the remaining fighters and their families, alongContinue reading “Revoking Citizenship – Is It An Effective Tool In Countering Terrorism?”

What is Grey Zone Warfare?

In the West security is something we take for granted. Domestically we believe we live in peace, but this is said to be far from the truth. Our security is constantly under threat, economically, politically and socially. This is taking place within what is being called the ‘grey zone’ of conflict. A form of conflictContinue reading “What is Grey Zone Warfare?”

Boiling Down The Brexit Deal

Brexit signals new era for the UK, one of prosperity and greater control according to its advocates, but one of uncertainty and hardship according to its opponents. The deal agreed on Christmas eve is complex and spans over 1200 pages. This article attempts to boil down some of the key points. The UK achieves “zeroContinue reading “Boiling Down The Brexit Deal”

Green Finance: The Way Forward?

Green finance is very simple in practice; a financial activity (product or service) that ensures a better environmental outcome. It is proving to be an effective way to meet the growing needs of both environmentalism and capitalism. It can take many forms, but broadly its divided into banking, investment and insurance products which ensure sustainableContinue reading “Green Finance: The Way Forward?”

A Threat Beyond Extremist Networks? Recent Attacks in France Raise Concerns

So far in 2020, France has had an increasing number of lone wolf terror attacks. This increase sets a worrying precedent for not only the French intelligence services but that of the international community too. None of the individuals carrying out the attacks that have taken place since September were known to the intelligence services.Continue reading “A Threat Beyond Extremist Networks? Recent Attacks in France Raise Concerns”